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Sharon Cuneta-Gabby reunion movie shelved again

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(Photos from Instagram)


For fans of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion, their reunion movie may have been shelved.


But the megastar, now back in the fold of ABS-CBN, will return to the big screen this year, after all, with two movies at least.


In her latest posts on Facebook and Twitter, the Megastar assured fans that she will be doing not just one but two movies in 2017.


She identified one of the movies as Mes de Guzman’s Cinemalaya entry, “Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha.” Sharon posted that she was still on board contrary to an earlier announcement by Cinemalaya.


“Relax, everyone. Doing all we can so that we can start and complete my first-ever Cinemalaya entry, ‘ANG PAMILYANG HINDI LUMULUHA,’ to be directed by award-winning director whom I respect and am looking forward to working with, MES DE GUZMAN. Praying for no setbacks and if none at all, it’s a definite go!” she posted.


While the phrase ‘praying for no setbacks’ suggest that her schedule was still being ironed out, what is certain is that the actress who has not done a movie since 2009’s “Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love” was not giving up on the film.


It was earlier reported on by indie film scene chronicler Mell Navarro that the Megastar could not start shooting the film due to “schedule issues” and that De Guzman had given her an “ultimatum” to decide until April 5 whether she could still commit to the project.


Sharon has not only remained committed to the project, she is also doing a new and yet untitled project for Star Cinema.


This after she and ex-husband Gabby Concepcion (through his manager Therese Ramos) both confirmed that their long-awaited reunion movie was not pushing through this year.


“I am still doing TWO MOVIES THIS YEAR. YIPPEE!!! (AND AM STILL DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!),” Sharon declared in her latest post on Facebook and Twitter.


Sharon Cuneta’s much-awaited big screen return has been put on hold once again.


Fans of the actress dubbed as The Megastar will have to wait a little longer for a Sharon movie as two high-profile projects she had been attached to are not happening after all, MJ Marfori reported.


Last year, Sharon herself announced that she had accepted an offer to play the lead role in Mes de Guzman’s feature, “Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha,” an entry in this year’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. Sharon’s announcement was confirmed just last month by Cinemalaya organizers.


But following a report by indie film scene chronicler Mell Navarro that the Megastar could not start shooting the film due to “schedule issues,” De Guzman gave her an “ultimatum” to decide until April 5 whether she could still commit to the project.


However, in an announcement on its official Facebook page late Thursday night, Cinemalaya announced that “due to unforeseen matters, Ms, Sharon Cuneta may not be able to do the film.”


Sharon has not issued a statement on the matter on her social media pages. She did, however, apologize for the shelving of her much-awaited reunion movie with ex-husband and former screen partner Gabby Concepcion. The yet untitled project has been put on hold again due to scheduling conflicts.


An earlier statement issued to ABS-CBN entertainment scribe Mario Dumaual by Gabby’s manager, Therese Ramos read: “Gabby Concepcion has always wanted to do a movie with Sharon Cuneta. However due to his tight schedule and current commitments it will not be possible anytime soon. We will study our option in 2018.”


Addressing the issue, Sharon posted an apology on her Facebook and Twitter pages.


“Thanks for all your prayers and I am sorry it’s not pushing through. But please be happy for me — because I am very happy with my new project which Star Cinema is now preparing! God bless us all. Good night and love you guys!,” she posted.


The Sharon-Gabby reunion movie project was announced by Star Cinema last December. The last film the former husband and wife starred in together was 1992′s “Tayong Dalawa.”


Despite not having appeared in a film since 2009’s “Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love,” Sharon has remained active on television and after returning to ABS-CBN in 2015 has been a mainstay judge of talent shows like “The Voice Kids Philippines,” “Your Face Sounds Familiar,” and the upcoming “The Voice Teens Philippines.”

(Photo from Instagram | @nadzlustre)


What happened in San Francisco to James Reid and Nadine Lustre?


An earlier report started that Nadine lost her bag, cellphone and valuables when someone broke her car’s glasses and took her valuables.


Then, here comes James Reid criticizing their concert producer in the San Francisco leg of their US tour.


In an ABS-CBN report, James Reid was quoted to be at loggerhead with their concert producer, Elaine Crisostomo,  for allegedly scamming their fans, calling her a "liar." 


Philippines Today was unable to contact Crisostomo at press time to get her side on the allegations. She may send her statement to Philippines Today so we can publish her side.


After returning to Manila, the young actor used his Twitter account to downplay accusations that Elaine Crisostomo, CEO and founder of Entablado Production, made in a interview that aired on ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol last week.


In the report, Crisostomo said she was looking into possible legal action after claiming that James Reid and Nadine Lustre allegedly behaved rudely toward her and her staff, and that the popular love team failed to show up to an event she organized. In particular, a lunch date for which she arranged and charged fans $250 per head. 


"I'm sorry for the fans who were tricked into paying $250 for a brunch that was not approved. I didn't even know about it until the day after," ABS-CBN quoted James Reid on his Twitter account, alleging that Crisostomo still owes their production head $27,000. 


 ABS-CBN also reported that James also took a swipe at Crisostomo for alleging that he snubbed her when they arrived in San Francisco. "We went straight to our hotel room because of our 3 a.m. flight. Of course, we're tired. And Elaine never spoke to me until after the concert," he told ABS-CBN. 


James Reid concluded his series of posts by saying: "All the fans involved already know the truth. I hate to explain all this but I'm just annoyed that these lies are still being spread on TV." 


Viva Live, a subsidiary of Viva Entertainment, already released a response to Crisostomo's tirades, explaining that the producer's accusations are "inaccurate" and "wrongfully directed at the artists and their management."


"Her statements imputing unprofessionalism and rude behavior against the artists and their management for not appearing in this unauthorized activity is clearly unwarranted," the statement added. 


Last week, ABS-CBN reported that Nadine Lustre also took to social media to throw shade at Crisostomo after reports about the producer's tirades were picked up by a local entertainment website. 


"One thing that I learned though. ALWAYS update everyone with what's legit and what is not, so JaDines wont be tricked," she said. "And before you spread shenanigans about us, PAY UP. You owe a lot of people money." 


 Aside from San Francisco, reel and real partners James and Nadine took New York, Chicago and other US cities by storm.


This as the reel and real sweethearts sizzled in their show in New York to start their United States tour aptly called “Always Jadine Concert” which will take them to other US cities.


Reports from New York indicated that the couple drew shrieks of fans who mobbed them at the Golden Theater in Flushing, New York.


The shrieks were triggered by their smooth dance moves and sweet moments and their performance on stage, it was learned.


Photos and videos of portions of the show were immediately posted on social media by fans, triggering comments from netizens.


One of the posts were from New York-based photographer Mike Cruz whose photo of the pair posing as if they were going to kiss was described as amazing as elicited buzz in showbiz circles.


From New York, the couple flew to Chicago, Illinois for another hit performance before thousands of fans at the Copernicus Theater in that windy city.


The Always Jadine Concert brought James and Nadine also to the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, California, and the Alex Theater in Glendale, California.


From Southern California, the couple will perform in the Chabot College Performing Arts Center in Hayward in the San Francisco Bay Area in California and the Ayva Center Concerts and Banquet in Houston, Texas 1 and the Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Always Jadine Concert will close at the World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, home of one of the biggest population of Filipinos in the Middle East, on May 5.
The Always Nadine Concert is the second international concert tour of Jadine, as James and Nadine are called by fans, having toured the Middle East, Europe, the US and Canada last year.

Showbiz columnist Remy Umerez reported that the Always Jadine tour is made possible by SM Development Corp. and the Philippine Airlines. It is a production of Viva Live and the Ny Entourage Productions in the US.


Also featured in the show are host and comedian Chad Kinis and the Gforce Dancers.

Kathryn and Daniel already talking about wedding

Published in Entertainment



(Photo from Instagram | @bernardokath)


Don’t look now but popular Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are becoming more popular as a showbiz team as they admitted their feelings with each other.


And if reports are to be believed, wedding bells are now being discussed.


But while marriage is on the table, Kathryn and Daniel do not seem to agree on some things.


Yet they agree that 28 would be the ripe age for them to marry each other.


The two reel and real lovers admitted that marriage is something they have already talked about -- but only because they get asked about it during interviews from time to time.


For Kathryn, she wants a wedding in the beach. "Beach wedding 'yung gusto ko," she gushed.


Danniel, for his part, was quick to say he wants all their fans to be present on their wedding day.


"Baka dalawang wedding 'yun kasi hindi kami magkasundo. Ako kasi gusto ko lahat ng fans nandoon sa wedding. Gusto ko sila makita. Siyempre gusto ko ma-experience nila 'yun dahil nandiyan naman sila along the way," he explained.


Nonetheless, both agreed on what age they see themselves settling down, ABS-CBN reported.


Kathryn said she wants to tie the knot when she's 28, while Daniel said: "Mga ganun din. Ayaw ko na masyadong late."


Kathryn and Daniel star in their newest movie, "Can't Help Falling in Love," which is to be shown starting April 15.


In the movie, Kathryn and Daniel play two strangers who somehow find themselves legally married. 


The official trailer, uploaded online by Star Cinema, shows Kathryn's character asking for a divorce, while Daniel's teasingly suggests that they try out the married life. 


A report by their mother studio ABS-CBN stated that the two young stars are focusing their attention on the opportunities coming their way, like their movie.


They said the best birthday present their fans could give them is if they watch their film, which opens on Black Saturday, April 15. 


"Siyempre nakakakaba dahil may kasabay na big movies. Pero alam naman namin na maganda yung proyekto kaya excited na din kami mapanood nila," Kathryn said.


The popular love team also do not mind not having a Holy Week break because they have to promote their film.


"For now, ito muna. Importante ito. Okay lang naman, sa birthday ko (April 26) naman magkakaroon din ng pahinga," Padilla said. 


With a fully packed schedule leading up to the nationwide release of "Can't Help Falling in Love," the two are drawing strength from their fans who continue to support them.


Directed by Mae Cruz Alviar ("Crazy Beautiful You," "She's the One"), "Can't Help Falling In Love" will premiere in cinemas nationwide on April 15.


Pia Wurtzbach or Sarah Geronimo as next Darna?

Published in Entertainment



(Photo from Instagram | @piawurtzbach and @justsarahgph)


Will it be the stately Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach as the next “Darna”?


Or will be it pop singer and actress Sarah Geronimo?


After Star Cinema officially announced that Angel Locsin will no longer play “Darna” in the next movie about the character created by Mars Ravelo, showbiz went abuzz with speculations as to who will succeed Angel.


The development also prompted many Filipino showbiz fans to take to social media to propose Angel’s replacement.


Two names stood out among the early netizens’ nominees – the beauty queen Pia and the pop icon Sarah.


For Pia, the idea of playing the iconic “Darna” is no surprise. As a former talent of ABS-CBN, mother company of the movie outfit Star Cinema, Pia, in fact, confessed she would love to play the role.


Days before the hunt for the new “Darna’’ started has intimated that she wants to return to show business and was, in fact, preparing for the comeback already.


Before Pia became a beauty queen, she was a host and actress, appearing on shows like Star Circle and ASAP,and in movies like All My Life, and All About Love.


On March 8, the beautiful Pia admitted there are offers for her to go back to showbiz, adding she was glad about it. "Finally, I get to do showbiz because I’ve always imagined myself going back to that anyway," she added.


And as early as last January, Pia already declared she was willing to be “Darna” in the movies in case the role was offered to her.


 “YES! I would love to play the Filipina version of Superwoman! DARNA!” she said in response to a Twitter follower on the suggestion, ABS-CBN News reported.


Pia though would have to find time for shooting the movie in case she gets to play the role of “Darna.”


She confided that she is busy with her job in the Miss Universe organization talent agency IMG Universe with which she has a three-year contract.


Also, she is busy with several product endorsement deals and starting next month she will be a judge on “Asia’s Next Top Model,” which will premiere on the cable channel Star World on April 5.


Fans of Sarah, on the other hand, expressed their desire to have the singer-actress as the next “Darna.”


But Sarah was reported by her mother studio ABS-CBN to just giving out a hearty laugh when asked about playing “Darna.”


“Eh ‘di wow! Gusto ninyo bang makakita ng Darna na naka-jumpsuit?” she said in an interview with ABS-CBN News.


Sarah, who has not been seen on television for a long while, said she believes something else is meant for her, adding the much-talked about “Darna” role was not one of them. “Hindi po totoo 'yan. Popsters lang ang may gusto niyan,” she said.


Sarah is set to go regular television appearance as one of the coaches of the show “The Voice Teens.”


She said she was anxious as she and her fellow coaches gear up for the blind auditions of the talent show.


“Mag-start na po kami mag-taping. Kinakabahan ako. Challenge po kasi talaga sa akin umupo sa red chair na 'yun. Pero I promised to myself na mag-e-enjoy ako this time. Ayaw ko to put so much pressure on myself,” she told the network.


So, who will be the next “Darna?” Your guess is as good as mine.

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