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Alden Richards says no child out of wedlock

Published in Entertainment

(Photo from Instagram | @galdenrichards02)


Actor Alden Richards has again answered questions on his having a child out of wedlock.


Richards denied the reports and a rumor that his younger sister Angel is his love child.


Alden, 25, who is Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr., in real life of Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, in an interview with GMA 7’s “24 Oras,” vehemently denied the rumors and boldly stated: “I’m clear of my conscience, wala po akong anak (…I don’t have a child).”


The actor’s father, Richard “Daddy Bae” Faulkerson, supported her son’s claim. In a Twitter post last August 1, he challenged accusers to have him and his daughter Angel undergo a DNA test, to prove his paternity over her.


Aside from the love child issue, Richards is also facing a controversy involving his “Eat Bulaga” co-host Patricia Tumulak. Some netizens accuse him of being in a relationship with the former beauty queen. His fans, however, remain supportive of him and his phenomenal team-up with on-screen partner Maine Mendoza.


“I have clear conscience; I don’t have a child out of wedlock,” Alden stressed on GMA news.


He said that rather than dwelling on negative issues and the bashing these bring online, he would rather reach out to other people just as he was doing that day.


“I actually don’t get affected by controversy or bashing anymore. I have so much in my hands right now that I don’t have the time to even think about negative issues thrown at me. What’s important is that the people around me know what is true,” he ended as he went back to the group of street sweepers and traffic enforcers who always have his back.


 Meanwhile, Alden is set to portray Palanca awardee Bonifacio “Boni” Ilagan in an upcoming TV special to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines in September.


Produced by GMA News and Public Affairs, the yet short film, will follow the journey of Boni as he recalls his days as an idealistic youth and his eventual capture and torture under the hands of the Philippine Constabulary.


Written by Ilagan himself, the special will be directed by Adolf Alix, Jr.


To supplement the short film, a documentary will also be produced to show behind the scenes clips and interviews from personalities who experienced Martial Law atrocities first hand. It will also feature Richards, a self-professed millennial, in interviews sharing the lessons he learned from Boni’s past, and why Filipinos should never forget what happened in the darkest years of the nation.


With his continued success in showbiz since his AlDub tandem with Maine Mendoza was born in 2015, Alden is helping out the very individuals who placed him where he is today, as much as he can.


Just before the country celebrated National Heroes’ Day, Alden went out of his way to make two groups of hardworking Filipinos feel important, special and valued in very a unique way.

With the help of his loyal sponsor SnowCaps supplements, Alden identified two groups of people whose occupations are often difficult, hazardous and most of all unrewarded. Without looking far, the actor gathered street sweepers and lady traffic enforcers whom he considers everyday heroes to an unforgettable day spent with him.


For a whole afternoon, these special folks were treated to a long and hearty lunch, and much needed pampering at Blue Water Day Spa in Greenhills, San Juan. Just as they thought their welcome down time could not get any better, Alden surprised them at the spa to spend time with them to chat and take group photos and selfies.


 “I’m so happy because I found another opportunity to share my blessings with these hardworking street sweepers, and barangay tanods from my hometown in Bacoor, Cavite. You’ll agree that they need time like this to just relax and be pampered what with the very physical demands of their job. They’re the ones who always outside under the heat of sun and even strong rains,” Alden said.


“Giving back is very important for me. It’s my whole purpose as an actor because I’ve been given this ability to make people happy. So there shouldn’t be second thoughts in doing that. You must always give back to people because they’re the ones who put you where you are today,” he added. (Jojie Nebres)


MANILA — President Rodrigo Duterte has disclosed that the family of former president Ferdinand Marcos is willing to “open everything” and “return” to the Philippine government some wealth in question, including a few gold bars.


“The Marcoses -- I will not name the spokesman -- sabi nila na they’ll open everything and probably return ‘yung nakita lang,” the President said during his speech after the mass oath-taking of newly-appointed government officials in Malacañang.


Sabi nila na, ‘malaki ang deficit mo sa… maybe this year, ang projected deficit spending would be big,’ sabi niya. Baka makatulong. Pero hindi ito malaki,” Duterte said.


He said that the deal includes even some gold bars.


“But we are ready to open and bring back, sabi niya, ‘pati ‘yung a few gold bars.’ Hindi ganun kalaki, it’s not a Fort Knox, it’s just a few. But sabi nila, isauli nila para walang ano,” Duterte said.


The President likewise said that an explanation was given by the Marcoses for the wealth in question and that he was accepting it.


“And the only reason really was sabi nila, that the father was protecting the economy. Now, of course, the eventual kung maalis siya. But he was thought of regaining the Malacañan and that is why ganito ang lumabas. Parang naitago,” he said.


“I will accept the explanation, whether or not it is true, wala na eh. And they are ready to return. How much, they would give me an accounting,” Duterte said.


Duterte said he is now trying to look for a person not identified with any concerned party to handle the negotiations.


“So I am now scouting around. I have yet to select the guy para walang duda. Baka sabihin na naman ‘nag-hao-siao,’ there is a back channeling,” he said.


“I’m looking at a former Chief Justice. Sila na lang mag-usap. Then another certified public accountant (CPA), and maybe a representative of all that is accepted also by all. Para… So that tatlong tao ‘yan, mag-usap sa kanila,” Duterte said.


(Photo from Instagram | @garciajoshuae)


Is it for the reel or for real?


The poser is addressed to actress Julia Barretto and movie co-star Joshua Garcia.


At a time when their movie, “ Love You to the Stars and Back,” were being promoted, they came forward with the admission that they are now “romantically tied” with each other.


Interviewed by top showbiz show host Boy Abunda on ABS-CBN, Julia, who is getting attention for her role in the top-rating series on the network “A Love to Last,” made her admission of her relationship with her co-star.


Julia, the daughter of actress Marjorie Barretto and actor Dennis Padilla, admitted that she like Joshua for courting her the old way and she has been happy with him since they started their relationship.


In fact, Boy Abunda made her choose between Joshua and Ronnie Alonte, her partner in the tv series “A Love to Last,” and she readily selected her movie partner Joshua.


Earlier, in an interview with the entertainment press, Julia was also put the spot by asking her to choose between her "A Love To Last" co-star Ronnie Alonte and her big-screen leading man Joshua Garcia.


Julia, now 20, whose real name is Julia Francesca Barretto Baldivia, also picked Joshua over Ronnie.


"Everything is real," said Julia in another intervie on her romantic ties with Joshua.


Incidentally, Ronnie is now linked to former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate Loisa Andalio.


"I'm going to pick Joshua because Ronnie has a different love to last," Claudine said during an ABS-CBN press conference on the top rating series “A Love to Last.”


Interviewed on ABS-CBN’s "Tonight With Boy Abunda," Julia revealed their honest and genuine feelings for each other make it easier for their tandem to emit a natural chemistry that strikes their fans. 


"It's hard to fake. It's hard to pretend. 'Yon ang hindi ko kayang gawin," she told the tv host.


Julia added she has  given Joshua "exclusive rights" to date her, which means she is no longer available to entertain other suitors.  


"If you feel something for the person already, siyempre, you give the person also the exclusive rights," she added. 


According to Barretto, it's now just a matter of time before she says "yes" to the young heartthrob, whom she believes to have already proven himself. 


"Sa totoo lang, if I'm being honest, wala naman nang kailangang gawin. It's just a matter of time. It will just happen, but he doesn't really have to prove anything anymore," she said. 

The two stars’ network reported that Joshua has admitted that while he liked Julia even before they worked on “Vince and Kath and James,” it was only in January this year that he started courting the actress.


“Sobra kong nae-enjoy 'yung presence niya and sobra niya akong napapasaya. May mga scenes nga kaming ginawa ni direk na mga heavy scenes na hindi ko magawa kasi masaya talaga [ako kasama siya]. Napapasaya niya ako ng sobra,” he said in an ABS-CBN report.


If they were to go on a road trip, Joshua said he would love to bring Julia to his hometown in Batangas so that the actress can finally meet his relatives and friends.


Despite confessing his feelings for the young actress, Joshua said he’s still afraid to ask her to be his girlfriend.


“Puwede siyang mag hindi. Kasi sa ngayon, 'yung trabahong pumapasok sa amin, ang hirap sayangin. Nakakatakot kasi talagang magtanong. Kasi parang lahat naman tayo natatakot tayong ma-reject,” he said.


Julia, for her part, shared that she would not have allowed Joshua to court her if she doesn’t like him.


“Siyempre pinayagan ko siya manligaw kasi siyempre may gusto rin naman talaga sa kanya,” she said blushing, according to the ABS-CBN report.


Julia said she also doesn’t feel that there would be a problem if ever they officially become a couple.


“If I’m being very honest, I’ve learned to prioritize my work but he’s become such an important person in my life and it’s not like nakakasagabal siya sa trabaho ko. So I don’t see any problem naman kung if ever, pagsabayin 'yun,” she said.


It also makes Julia happy that her family accepts Joshua for who he is.


“Very well loved naman siya by my family, very well accepted kaya nakakatuwa din naman para sa akin,” she said.


In fact, Barretto’s mother Marjorie was also present at the press conference and she expressed her support for the two.


“Kung sino ang gusto ng anak ko, doon ako. Basta happy at protective sa mga anak ko, okay na ako. Basta inspired,” Marjorie said.


Asked what quality of Garcia does she personally like, Marjorie said: “Nakikita ko kasi very makapamilya siya. Important sa amin 'yun. He likes being with our family. Parang he looks like a good son. Pero hindi ko pa nami-meet ang family.”


Barretto and Garcia call each other “Baba” but they decided not to disclose the reason behind it.


“Love you to the Stars and Back” hits theaters nationwide starting August 30.

AFP and President Duterte

Published in Editorial & Other Articles

There is a shadowy group allegedly composed of soldiers and policemen calling for the ouster of President Rodrigo Duterte.


The group calls itself the "Patriotic and Democractic Movement" (PADEM) and claims that the Chief Executive committed "gross crimes in betrayal of public trusts and in violation of national sovereignty and democractic rights of the the Filipino people."


The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police immediately categorically denied the recent statement issued by the group that pretends to be representative of the men and women of the AFP and the PNP and came out in support of the Chief Executive.


 AFP spokesperson Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla said that the entire AFP supports the constitutionally mandated government and unequivocally supports the President who is also the Commander-in-Chief.


"The accusations and issues cited by the group are unfounded and uncalled for. Such issues are clearly politically motivated and a matter that the AFP does not and will not subscribe to," Padilla stressed, adding that current developments and issues that the group wishes to take advantage of are now being addressed by the Department of Justice and parties to a possible crime are now under detention.


"Let us respect these processes and not allow ourselves to be used by individuals or groups with vested interests. We appeal for sobriety, reason and patience as we await the results of these processes," the AFP spokesperson added.


As the constitutionally mandated protectors of the people, the AFP should stand by the law abiding citizens whenever necessary and should not countenance forces who undermine the stability and security of the country and those who wish to destabilize the nation thru unconstitutional means. Whatever their grievances, the group and the public in general should respect the apolitical stance of the military and help bring unity and healing instead of fomenting divisiveness and collapse.

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