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Heart Evangelista etches spot in world fashion

Published in Entertainment

Photo from Instagram | @iamhearte


Yes Virginia. Actress and visual artist Heart Eva­ngelista is now one of most glamorous Filipinas on the world stage.


Heart, 33, who is Lovi Marie Payawal Ongpauco in real life and married to Sen. Francis Escudereo, is, in fact, on a glamorous roll in the global fashion scene with one coup after another, effectively cementing her status a Filipina style icon, Manila Times’ Iza Iglesias reported.


After making the rounds of Paris Fashion Week in July—with no less than “Crazy Rich Asians” best-selling author Kevin Kwan documenting her sorties in Europe’s fashion capital—she headed over to the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week and made a splash anew, according to the report.


Besides landing the very exclusive guest lists to preview the collections of the world’s most famous designers, she also made it to the best-dressed picks of fashion and lifestyle magazines The Cut and Elle when she attended the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party, the report added.


 A hot ticket amid the fashion week flurry, other Hollywood celebrities who made the list were Kendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, Bella Hadid, Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Coco Rocha, Christina Aguilera, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.


The lone Filipina celebrity amid this blinding bunch of global stars, Heart was stunningly—and proudly—wearing a sleek black avant garde creation from Filipino designer Mark Bumgarner.


Iza Iglesias’ report continued: The 33-year-old actress documented what must have been one for the books in her high fashion lifestyle via Instagram, excitedly sharing photos of the star-studded event. One of them saw her beside top model Grace Elizabeth, which she captioned, “With this stunner.”


Indeed, the Filipina’s inclusion in Kwan’s “real” Crazy Rich Asians feature in Harper’s Bazaar has opened many doors for her in the international fashion scene. His article, titled “Crazy Rich Couture,” described Evangelista as the “modern-day incarnation of Audrey Hepburn.”


The day after the issue came out, Evangelista posted on social media that Kwan’s story “[is ]one of the most amazing features in [her]life.” In thanking the best-selling author, she also referred to him as “[now] a dear friend.”


Immediately after the Harper’s Bazaar story, French bag label Sequoia signed her up as endorser, and will have her attending various events in Milan and Paris for the fashion house.

What 'Kumare' Means (Part 2 and Conclusion)

Published in Upside

Upside welcomes following conclusion of guest column in advance of October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

By Nellie Hizon



ALLICE 2018 president Nellie Hizon and 2018 secretary Allen Capalla reach out for healthier interaction at recent Colma PD National Night Out with volunteer Noel Mulato and friends. 


As a Kumare, I gave shelter to my friend Tomoko in her attempt to be free from her abusive husband.  But he filed a missing person report, naming me as harboring her, requiring me and Tomoko to present ourselves to the police station.  We were cleared.  Apparently, the police had to contact the station where the husband made the report to confirm that Tomoko had been located and was no longer missing. 


No sooner had we returned to my home when we heard loud knocking on the door:  the husband, with their child crying, was at the door.  Her husband's voice terrified Tomoko, who dived under the dining table and went into fetal position. I called 911 and the security guard.  The 911 operator guided us while assuring the police was on their way.  I was afraid that the husband could break.

Upon police arrival, I opened the door and have them speak with Tomoko.  The police was the intermediary, conveying the husband’s messages.

The husband threatened her to go home with him that night or she would never see their child again.  That conversation was outside the house but in the presence of the police.

Tomoko agonized.  Bitterly crying and heartbroken, she decided to go with him that night.  

I never heard back from her again, my phone number must have been blocked.  Even years later, on social media, her name does not come up.  I hope she is alive.


These days, in the widely reported sexual abuse by the clergy, the hearts and souls of the faithful cry out with grief.  How can a person of trust betray us?  We grieve.  Yes, prayers and penance will cleanse us as a community of believers.  

But, now more than ever, education on how to recognize abuse early on, what to do, where to go, what resources are available, are essential to the healing process.

Our knowledge, attitudes and behaviors are shaped by the environment in which we were raised. Newcomers in this country come from a culture so different; some may be accustomed to being subservient, until it sinks in that equality is the norm in the adopted country.  

While equality is the law, inequality prevails in many places, even at home where a perpetrator wields total power and control at the expense of the comfort and safety of other members.

ALLICE has, for 15 years, been an advocate, helping educate the community on maintaining healthy relationships, preventing abuse and violence by instilling the dynamics of healthy interaction.  Our group of professionals, civic leaders, resource providers is dedicated to addressing an illness in society.

Our team is supported by longtime donor allies Philippine News, Philippines Today, Positively Filipino,, Holy Child & St. Martin Episcopal Church, Lucky Chances, Moonstar, Cafe Savini, Noah's Bagels, Hapag Filipino, Kuya's Asian Cuisine, Guy Guerrero, Ray Satorre, Francis Espiritu, Kumare Elsa Agasid,Boy & Baby's Pastries, Kumare Ofie Albrecht, Bernard Simon, Jr., Becca Schatz, Joaquin & Matias Moreno instaging the Oct. 12 program.

Join us at our free and open to the public event.   Arming ourselves with information is the first step to protecting our homes and neighborhoods.  


Nellie Hizon is 2018 President of ALLICE founded by Upside columnist Cherie M. Querol Moreno,.  For more information visit

Natural Ingredients of GLS

Published in Health and Wealth

In my column last month on GLS as natural blood sugar control, I received many responses and requests for more information on the natural ingredients of GLS described by those who had tried and completed the GLS 90-Day Challenge as “miracle” and “wonder” health supplement.


To answer these many inquiries, I would like to share some excerpts of my previous column entitled “Doctor of Pharmacy Shares Review of GLS' Unique Natural Ingredients and Potency Multivitamins Formulation.”


“As columnist on HEALTH & WEALTH” and founder of FITNESS FOR HUMANITY, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to Stephanie Phong Tuliao, Doctor of Pharmacy, for her technical and professional review of GLS's unique and natural ingredients and high potency multivitamins formulation.


For basic information and education, I would like to share with our readers and the general public her technical and professional review on the GLS Supplement.


Diabetes is a complex condition defined as a group of metabolic diseases in which one has elevated blood sugar due to one or two reasons: either the body is unable to produce sufficient amounts of insulin, or the body is unable to adequately respond to insulin. Due to these deficiencies, it is important for people with diabetes to properly manage these conditions with appropriate treatments which may include diet, lifestyle modifications, medication and/or supplements.


Ingredients found in GLS like alpha-liponic acid, chromium, gymnema sylvestre, cinnamon extract, vanadyl sulfate, high potency vitamins may be helpful for those looking for natural alternative to aid in their diabetes management.


1. ALPHA LIPOIC ACID - Alpha Lipoic Acid taken orally seems to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose disposal in patients with Type 2 diabetes. Pharmacologically, it improves glycemic control and peripheral neuropathies associated with diabetes.


2. CHROMIUM – Chromium is an essential trace element that has been shown to play an important role in insulin function. Some studies have shown that low chromium levels are associated with impaired glucose, insulin and lipid metabolism. Because some evidence shows that not taking chromium can decrease fasting blood sugar, insulin levels and increase insulin sensitivity in people with Type 2 diabetes, this may be beneficial for people with diabetes.


3. GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE - Gymnema sylvestre is an herb that has shown to have some potential benefits for lowering blood sugar. Some studies suggest that taking gymnema extract in combination with insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents can further reduce blood glucose in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes by reducing intestinal absorption of glucose and stimulating pancreatic beta cell growth.


4. CINNAMON EXTRACT - Cinnamon extract has been shown in some studies to be useful in people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. While cinnamon extract alone may not provide significant reduction of fasting blood glucose, taking this as a supplement alongside with diet, exercise and medication, if necessary, may exhibit additive effect on the blood sugar.


5. VANADYL SULFATE – Vanadyl sulfate has been showing to mimic the actions of insulin which may play an important role in managing diabetes. Some evidence suggests improved hepatic and peripheral insulin sensitivity in patients with Type 2 diabetes and possibly reduced blood glucose levels. Low doses of this ingredient may have benefits as a supplementation for diabetes management.


6. HIGH POTENCY MULTIVITAMINS – Multivitamins play an important role in the overall well being for people with diabetes. Often people with diabetes come up short on key nutrients, thus multivitamins help fill these nutritional gaps with essential vitamins and minerals.


For initial supply of GLS and additional information, call:. Tel (650)438-3531 or (415)584-7095 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . YOU can also request your FREE copy of the colored GLS brochure and testimonials of those who had tried and completed the GLS 90-Day Challenge.. For your FREE copy, just send a self-addressed-stamped envelop to: FITNESS FOR HUMANITY, 730 Madrid Street, San Francisco, CA 94112.



*ART GABOT MADLAING is a commissioned Notary Public and licensed Real Estate Broker (BRE#00635976) in California since 1981. He is accredited Notary Public by the Philippine Consul General in San Francisco. Art is the founder of FITNESS FOR HUMANITY (aka FITNESS FOR CHRIST) and ACAPINOY. He is active Evangelist with the GOLDEN GATE CHURCH OF CHRIST in San Francisco, California.

Bangko Sentral takes stronger action vs. inflation

Published in Business


BANGKO SENTRAL Gov. Nestor Espenilla Jr. and Deputy Governor Diwa Gunigundo discuss measures against inflation.


MANILA – The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has affirmed its readiness to “take strong immediate action using the full range of instruments in its toolkit” to address threats generated by higher-than-expected inflation, as demonstrated by its 100 basis points increase in key rates earlier this year.


This was stressed by BSP Governor Nestor A. Espenilla Jr. last week, as markets continued to be affected by the surge in the rate of price increases to a multiyear high of 6.4 percent in August 2018.


“The follow-through actions will also address other threats to higher inflation, such as excessive exchange rate volatility not consistent with underlying macroeconomic fundamentals in order to ensure that inflation returns to its 2 (percent) to 4 percent target over the policy horizon,” he said.


He also said that the central bank will re-activate tolls like the Currency Risk Protection Program (CRPP), “which will be made available to eligible corporates with foreign exchange obligations based on more liberalized rules.”


“In addition, the BSP will take all actions necessary to deal with speculative activity by market participants,” he added.


On Friday, the central bank, in a statement, said it will re-activate the CRPP, which was introduced in December 1997, to be made available to eligible corporations through commercial banks. It was explained that the facility is a “non-deliverable forward hedging facility, which is aimed at alleviating demand pressures in the foreign exchange spot market from borrowers seeking to hedge their future foreign exchange exposures.”


“Under the facility, parties agree that, on maturity of the forward contract, only the net difference between the contracted forward rate and the spot rate shall be settled in pesos,” the central bank said.


BSP Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo, in a briefing Friday, said the facility will address concerns of corporates with outstanding loans. He explained that businesses normally buy foreign exchange on spot for their future requirements.


While this practice protects corporates if the Peso, for one, depreciates in the future, this increases volatility in the foreign exchange market, he said. “But if you have this CRPP, then your corporate players will have the assurance that they will be protected regardless of the fluctuations in the foreign exchange market,” he said.


Guinigundo stressed that the current volatility in the foreign exchange market is due to the impact of external developments, such as the trade tensions between the US and China and the currency crisis in Turkey and Argentina. “So I think by these measures of the BSP, the announced measures of the BSP, we should be able to address the concerns of the foreign exchange market,” he said.


“The BSP will make sure that we would also be able to deal with speculative activity in the market,” he added.


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