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Campaign vs graft and corruption

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte again has fired another top official of government, this time over excessive travels using public funds. The latest to fall was Chairman Patricia Licuanan of the Commission on Higher Education and Maritime Industry Authority administrator Marcial Amaro III. The Chief Executive said he will continue his firing spree as he reiterated his commitment to cleanse the government of graft and corruption, which he said, is the key to achieving a more inclusive economic development. In the next few weeks, more officials, including generals and policemen, will be axed as he vowed to focus not just on national officials but also on erring local government officials.


And to show his seriousness to his campaign, the President created recently and just this week appointed the officials of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) led by lawyer and Volunteer Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) chairman Dante Lazaro Jimenez as chairman with no anti-corruption activists Rickson Chiong, Greco Antonious Beda Banta Belgica and Gregorio Luis Contacto III as commissioners. The President has assured the public anew that corruption and political oppression would no longer thrive in the country and disrupt the growth of the economy. “I have fired so many government employees… Talagang ‘yung sabi kong ayaw ko ng corruption, ayaw ko ng corruption,” President Duterte stressed.


The  word corruption is derived from the Latin word corrumpere, which can mean to bribe or to destroy. Indeed, corruption destroys society by diverting resources that could help the poor or other sectors of society. We salute President Duterte for his determination to cleanse the government firing even his Cabinet officials and close friends who are his appointees. We wish him success in the campaign as we call on every Filipino to help as the drive cannot succeed without their full support.


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