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Support Filipinos in November polls

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The elections in the United States is just around the corner and all candidates, especially those from the major parties, the Republicans and Democrats, are in the finishing touches in the campaign. In many areas, the races are close, influenced by the shifting of support and issues such as the economy and immigration reforms.


There are many candidates of Filipino roots who are in the running in various cities and states, some trying to make history. In California’s 14th district, Cristina Osmena, an active leader and columnist who belongs to the Osmena political clan, is in the running for US representative. In Texas’ 23rd congressional district, Democratic candidate Gina Ortiz-Jones, 37, a native of Pangasinan and a graduate of the University of the Philippines, is running against Republican incumbent Will Hurd and hopes to become the first member of the US Congress of Philippine descent. Dr. Jennifer Mijares-Zimmerman, a Democrat, is gunning for Florida’s first congressional district. Of course, US Rep. Bob Scott who is said to be of Filipino descent is running for reelection in Virginia.


In nearby Milpitas City, multiple term former Mayor Jose Estevez is trying to return as mayor while Council member Garry Barbadillo is also seeking reelection. Elsewhere, there are many other Filipino candidates.


There are now more than 4 million Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the United States, a potent force in any election. We hope that Filipinos and FilAms will unite and use this force and influence to send more of their countrymen to the US Congress and other key posts in America. Only when they succeed that the Americans can recognize and accept Filipino people empowerment, a dream of Filipinos for decades. So go to the polls this November and vote wisely.


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