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P5-M bounty for drug lords

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Amidst the death of five persons for using prohibited drugs during the SM MOA concert organized by Closeup, the arrest of a policeman in his Manila house fit for a general with illegal drugs and millions of pesos in his vault and the seizure of P1 billion worth of chemicals for 'shabu" during a raid in a house in a subdivision in Angeles City, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte announced that he has set aside P5 million as "bounty" for drug traffickers, "dead or alive," to be able to get rid of the drug menace and protect the youth at the shortest possible time.


During the campaign, Mr. Duterte has repeatedly said that he detests illegal drugs and even announced that he would punish any member of his family who is found to be into the use and trade of the illicit drugs. His announcement in Davao City after meeting his would-be Cabinet members was one step to fulfil his promise to get rid of the country of drugs and crimes, many of which are drugs induced. He clarified that the bounty he is offering actually will be P50,000 for ordinary drug traffickers and P1 million to P2 million if it is a drug lord who is busted and arrested. The bounty, he explained, is actually now available as it will come from excess contributions for his campaign.


Mr. Duterte, at the same time, called on his incoming heads of the Philippine National Police and National Bureau of Investigation to enforce his order and even personally kill the drug lords and traffickers under circumstances that it is allowed under the law. He also revealed plans to tap even the military in the crackdown on crimes and drugs, especially when rogue policemen are involved. And Mr. Duterte left a message to drug dealers: "Do not destroy my country because I will kill you. Do not destroy the youth of the land, our children, because I will kill you."


Mr. Duterte won by landslide during the last election presumably due to his vow to get rid of criminals and stop crimes and illegal drugs which seemingly had gone out of control during the Aquino administration. The people’s mandate should now be translated into support by the citizens themselves to the crackdown on crimes and drugs. With the help of citizens, the campaign will surely succeed. But without it, success maybe difficult.   

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