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Fil-German Maureen Wroblewitz wins 'Asia's Next Top Model'

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(Photo from Instagram | @bmauwrob)


After Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, another Filipino-Germany beauty is in the limelight. 


She is Maureen Wroblewitz, who has turned 19, who has just won "Asia'sNext Top Model."

Wroblewitz, who stands at 5'6," became the first Filipina to win the popular modeling search. She won over Malaysia's Shikin Gomez and Vietnam's Minh Tu Nguyen in the finals.


Although she was born and grew up in Saudi Arabia, Wroblewitz, pronounced “Robol-weetz," her German family came from Golina which is part of Germany. 


"I was born in Saudi Arabia, where I grew up, and our family moved to Germany when I was 12, one year after my mom died in Saudi Arabia. I have three siblings; we are all girls, I’m the third. We live with our dad who is with Ramcar,” the new beauty titlist said in an interview with showbiz authority Ricky Lo.


Maureen admitted to Ricky Lo that she has no boyfriend.


Hours before she was proclaimed winner, all three finalists donned costumes that represented their country for their final shoot. 

According to a report, Wroblewitz stunned in a sparkling white mestiza gown she accentuated with pearls


"That image is exactly what I wanted to see from you at the end of this competition," Cindy Bishop, a professional model who is one of the judges for this season, told Wroblewitz. 


"You delivered that quiet confidence, which showed that you have been soaking up everything we've been telling you, that you've been taking everything in and just completely laid it all out for us. And I am so, so happy to see that," she added. 


The finalists also had to walk the runway for the show one last time, representing "goddesses that had come to life."


With her win, Wroblewitz took home the coveted contract with London-based Storm Model Management. She will also be on the cover of Nylon Singapore's online edition, in addition to being featured in other high-profile fashion campaigns. She also won a Subaru Impreza car.


Before her win, Wroblewitz said during the episode that she dedicated all her efforts in the competition to her mother, who passed away when she was 11. "She would have been so proud," she shared. 


Her journey to the title was far from smooth sailing. In one of the earlier episodes, Wroblewitz had to endure what many thought of as a form of bullying when her fellow contestants, led by Indonesia's Clara Tan, labelled her as just a "pretty face with no skills." 


Wroblewitz then opened up about her insecurities, saying that she tends to overthink every pose. Fueled, however, by her determination to prove her doubters wrong, she went on to capture best photo.

Addressing her feud with Tan, Wroblewitz wrote on Twitter: "It's hard to hate Clara actually, at least for me! She can be really annoying but you get used to it." 


Wroblewitz later admitted that she nearly gave up on the competition when her fellow Filipina Jennica Sanchez dissed her for being "just a pretty face" early on in the show. 


"That really brought me down, especially in the start and I was trying to grow more confident," Wroblewitz recounted to television host Boy Abunda in ABS-CBN's "Tonight with Boy Abunda" show.

 "By that time, I was feeling like I wanted to give up," she revealed.


"But then the next week, she (Jennica) actually got eliminated and that's when I knew I'm the last Filipina and now I have to fight," she added. 
She later said that Jennica Sanchez apologized to her. 


American host and former model Tyra Banks is all praises for Maureen Wroblewitz.


Banks, creator of "America's Next Top Model" from which the Asian franchise of the competition was based, called Wroblewitz a "Pinoy Queen" on Instagram.


"Pinoy Queen! Mama TyTy is so proud of you!" Banks wrote in a comment on Wroblewitz's Instagram post on her Nylon magazine cover.


“My mom was a fighter,” Maureen Wroblewitz replied when asked what inspired her during the highly-competitive Asia’s Next Top Model (AsNTM). “Before she died, she would always remind my three sisters and me, ‘Believe in yourselves; you can do it!’”


Being the shortest (at 5’6”) and the youngest (at 18) among the hopefuls from all over Asia, Maureen first thought she didn’t stand a chance and was the most surprised when she bagged the title.


The Philippines's candidate to the search two years ago, Katarina Rodriguez, finished second runner up. This year, Katarian was crowned 2017 Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental.


Ricky Lo wrote that he and the Philippine Star team caught Maureen at a Makati City studio while being photographed by Sara Black for the #WhyWeFight campaign of the ICanServe Foundation, a breast cancer advocacy group that promotes Awareness and Early Detection. The flagship program, “Ating Dibdibin,” a community-based breast cancer screening program, is the first of its kind in the country and partners with local governments to provide access to affordable diagnostics and timely cancer treatments. ICanServe is also a founding member of Cancer Coalition Philippines which is working for Congress to pass an Integrated National Cancer Prevention and Control Act.


Maureen’s Filipina mother, Mariefe, succumbed to breast cancer, explaining why she’s supporting the foundation.


“Maureen’s mom Mariefe used to be an ICanServe volunteer because she was a cancer patient,” shared Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala, a breast cancer survivor who is the founder of the foundation. “She passed away in 2009. Mariefe was a kind, strong, nurturing person. That’s why it was easy for Maureen to embrace this advocacy. So I knew Maureen since she was a little girl. Her dad and my uncle also work together.”


One of the judges in the contest was 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. Ricky Lo asked how much weight did Pia’s vote count?


“Pia was a guest judge and she was very fair to every candidate. Her comments were very fair. She wasn’t biased at all. Besides, it was not just her who was making the decision; there were other judges from other Asian countries,” Maureen promptly answered.

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