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Maine Mendoza vacationing in US, set to return to ‘Eat Bulaga’ on New Year’s Day

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(Photo from Instagram | @mainedcm)


Are you fans missing Maine Mendoza in the popular noontime show “Eat Bulaga” and others?


Maine  has not appeared in 'Eat Bulaga' since November 28 although she was last spotted in the launch of a popular smartphone brand on December 1.


Well, the long wait will soon be over as she will back in the GMA Network show this New Year.


Triple AAA executive and talent manager Rams David disclosed that Maine will be back in the Philippines on December 31 and in 'Eat Bulaga' from her U.S.A. trip on January 1, 2018, ending speculation that she might transfer to another station.


In the meantime, Maine Mendoza, the Dubsmash Queen of the Philippines, is  taking a break from her superstar life in Manila for a much deserved vacation with family in Miami, Florida, among others.


Maine shared a sneak peek of her month-long vacation to her Instagram followers through photos that she uploaded. One photo shows her with a great smile on her face with the following caption, “Life is short. Smile often.” The post has gotten over 365,000 likes in the image-sharing platform.


The AlDub actress was accompanied by her sister Coleen and brothers Nico and Dean in her U.S. trip.


Earlier, “Eat Bulaga” host Vic Sotto clarified that Maine has not been suspended from the show and said she was merely making a much needed vacation.


Also, columnist Ricky Lo speculated that her absence maybe linked to reports that she was seen with Jake Ejercito, son of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and common law wife Laarni Enriquez.


Fans have speculated that the 22-year-old instant star had left the noontime show following her noticeable absence. And this could spell doom for her partnership with actor Alden Richards.


“Definitely Maine will be back on ‘Eat Bulaga’ para sa kaalaman ng fans niyang nakaka-miss sa kanya (To fans who miss her, definitely Maine will be back on ‘Eat Bulaga’),” said Rams David in a report on popular tabloid Bandera.


“Napagod lang si Meng so humingi ng break. Naiintindihan naman namin yon. Imagine two years siyang walang pahinga. Sumabak siya sa mundo ng show biz nang walang kaalam-alam!(Maine got tired so she asked for a break. We understand that. Imagine two years of no rest. She was thrust into the world of show biz without knowing anything!),” David said.


Another tablod, the Pilipino Star Ngayon, confirmed that Mendoza and her family flew to the United States for their Christmas vacation and that she will return on Dec. 31 and will appear live on “Eat Bulaga” on Jan. 1, 2018, he added.


Before she left for a vacation, Maine came out with an “open letter” on her career and personal matters.


In the letter, she pleaded for “freedom to feel what I want to feel, be what I want to be, and do what I want to do.”


 Maine rose to fame after posting Dubsmash videos that went viral on Facebook. She was then tapped by GMA to become a talent in the Kalyeserye portion of “Eat Bulaga” as Yaya Dub, and one half of the superstar love team AlDub with actor Alden Richards.


Maine's open letter to her fans made headlines after she expressed her feelings about her showbiz career.


 In the letter, the 'Eat Bulaga' superstar thanked her fans for their overwhelming support and revealed that she and her on-screen partner Alden Richards are just good friends.


Maine stated that “by the end of this letter, I am pretty sure that majority of you are going to turn your backs on me. Pero sabi nga nila, speak the truth even if your voice shakes...,” adding, “...I was never into money or fame. All I want in this life is to be free and happy.”


“And I am certain that no amount of fame and money can ever give me genuine happiness. All my life I have been seeking love from people around me. And that is all that matters to me at this moment,” she stressed.


In his column, Ricky Lo quoted Maine as saying that she has made many people happy, and it was high time she made herself happy, too, and not to be dictated upon how and what to do with her life, at the same time feeling sorry for people (she associates with) being bashed.        


In the wake of Maine’s open letter, Alden was hospitalized not, contrary to initial report, for “shock” or “depression” but for food poisoning (or amoebiasis) but he was soon back on “Eat, Bulaga!” while Maine went on vacation.


Ricky Lo reported that Maine ended her open letter on a heart-breaking note: “Again, thank you very much for the love and support you have given me. I will forever cherish the presence of the whole fandom in my life. I do hope I have also given you enough joy for you to give me the freedom I believe I deserve. Freedom to feel what I want to feel, be what I want to be, and do what I want to do. Alden deserves the same, too. With so much gratitude. That Girl.”


In her  blog titled, “An Open Letter To Our Fans” the Dubsmash Queen started with: “Hi! You might be wondering what this letter is about. Ako din, I am wondering what this letter going to be about. I do not actually know how to start writing this letter and I do not actually know either if it is right to do this. All I know is for sure is I need to let some things out of my chest. And I couldn’t find any other way to do it so I am writing here on my blog, like I used to.”


Maine said that she was aware that after reading her blog, majority of her fans will turn their backs on her or hate her.

She expressed gratitude to everyone who gave their love, support and sacrifice for her and Richards ever since their love team was formed in “Eat Bulaga” in July 2015.


“When I was new in the business, you all came to my life and loved me for exactly the way I am. Hindi ko kailangan magpanggap para mahalin niyo. At nagpapasalamat ako dahil tinanggap at minahal niyo kung sino at ano ako bilang tao,” she continued her blog.


She also revealed that she was amazed and overwhelmed by the attention she was getting back then “… when everyone was taking things lightly and we were all just happy. Do you still remember the good old days? Back when things are not so complicated? Still worth remembering up to this time.”


But two years after, Mendoza observed that a lot of things have changed but there are also those that have remained the same.

“Masaya pa din kayo. I can see how happy you guys are all together. Iba ‘yung saya niyo tuwing magkakasama kayo. Masasabi kong ibang klase yung pagkakaibigan at samahan na nabuo sa pagsuporta niyo samin,” she explained, saying how much AlDub Nation has helped other people too.

In the latter part of the blog, she said she wanted to be honest to everyone.


“I am at this point where I feel like I live in a box. I have not been able to do what I want and say what I feel because everytime I try to express my thoughts and feelings, some of you tend to misapprehend and invalidate in so many ways,” she explained.


“Telling me I am not supposed to feel that way because I am “rich and famous.” Telling me I have no right to be sad and hurt because I have everything a person could ask for. Judging, blaming, and getting mad at me for expressing what I truly feel just because you do not agree and it is inconvenient for you. Dictating me what I should feel and should not feel. Ang hirap,” she said.


She also tells her supporters not to get her wrong. She is grateful for what she has but it has come to a point that she is no longer happy.

“Dumating ‘yung araw na parang hindi na ako masaya. Na kahit sandamakmak ang biyaya ang natatanggap ko, nawala na yung ligaya sa puso ko. Hindi ko na makita yung tuwa sa mga ngiti ko at kinang sa mga mata ko. Hanggang sa napatanto ko na iyon pala ay dahil sa ilang tao na nakapaligid sakin. Yung mga tao na akala ko ay tunay na nagmamalasakit at nagmamahal sa akin. Mahirap. Nahihirapan akong dinidiktahan ng mga dapat kong gawin at nararamdaman,” she added.


She also lamented that people close to her—family, friends, workmates—are being bashed or insulted by some fans.

Maine said that much as she appreciates the love and support fans give to her and Richards, she wants to be honest about the status of their relationship.


“You deserve to know the truth that at this very moment Alden and I are just friends. We are a love team,” she said.

She again thanked her fans for the love and support.


“I will forever cherish the presence of the whole fandom in my life. I do hope I have also given you enough joy for you to give me the freedom I believe I deserve. Freedom to feel what I want to feel, be what I want to be, and do what I want to do. Alden deserves the same, too,” Maine stated.


 Vic Sotto has assured Maine that she has his full support.


“Whatever it is that you’re feeling or dealing with—suportado kita. I’m trying to understand,” he said of Maine, who took a break from work, after unloading her pent-up emotions and frustrations in an open letter in which she admitted among other things that the possessiveness of some of her fans makes her “feel like I live in a box.”


“I have been in the business for so many years. And I believe that if you love what you do, you will pull through, no matter what’s dealt to you,” Vic said at a press conference for the drama-comedy flick “Meant to Beh,” one of the entries in the ongoing Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).


“I respect her decision; I can’t judge,” added the seasoned actor and television host, who agreed that some fans could go overboard, especially on social media. “That’s the nature of it. We have irresponsible users. But I guess if you’re in it, that’s something you have to expect.”


On speculations that the recent turn of events could spell the end of AlDub—Maine and Alden Richards’ love team—Vic stressed: “They’re there forever. Wala nang makakabuwag diyan. AlDub is AlDub.”


Vic knows whereof he speaks. In fact, Maine and Alden are appearing in a new movie which will start shooting soon.


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