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Kim Chiu's car hit by a bus but she's not hurt

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(Photo from Instagram | @chinitaprincess)


Don’t look now but actress Kim Chiu recently figured in a vehicular accident in which fortunately she was just shaken and not badly hurt.


The comely actress herself recently shared on Instagram how her car got hit by a bus on her way to a block screening of the movie “I Love You, Hater” which stars Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto with comebacking actress Kris Aquino.


Published reports revealed that Kim sponsored the block screening with fellow actress Angel Locsin as a gift for her close friend, Kris Aquino.


In the  Instagram post, Kim wrote that the bus driver was not exactly cooperative which raised the ABS-CBN star’s suspicion that the bus was colorum vehicle.


“OMG! Binangga kami! Ayaw pa magbigay ng driver’s license and company ID nung driver. Baka nakacolorum ‘yung bus nila! LTO, please do something to this kind of bus company!” she wrote.


Kim also revealed that at the time of the mishap, the bus driver could not show his license and company identification card.


“This is the driver nawalang lisensya and company ID!!” she added.


Thankfully, Kim and her companions were not hurt in the freak accident and she made it to the I Love You, Hater block screening where she was joined by Kris and her son James “Bimby” Yap Jr., Julia Barretto and Angel Locsin.


Celebrities and their fans showed their support to Kris Aquino‘s movie comeback with Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto as the movie earned P40 million in just first five days.


Star Cinema, the movie outfit of ABS-CBN and producer of “I Love You, Hater,” announced the P40 million gross was as of last Sunday, July 15, 2018.


The announcement from Star Cinema came hours after Kris admitted she was initially "disappointed" by the box-office performance of I Love You, Hater, ABS-CBN reported.


But in an Instagram post later, Kris dropped hints that the the box-office performance of I Love You, Hater improved during the weekend.


She wrote: "A friend sent this, just purchased now... and i got word from @visionerickson that our Saturday & Sunday box office both individually doubled the sales of opening day. We have a faithful & loving God who brought so many angels into my life. Maraming salamat po."


In the film, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto bring life to two young professionals: Joko Macaraeg and Zoey Rivera, respectively.


They are fighting for the same high-paying job, with Joko wanting to help his family out of their financial troubles while Zoey aims to prove herself to her father.


Director Giselle Andres pointed out that there was really an attempt from ABS-CBN’s film production and distribution unit’s team to deviate from what the JoshLia love team has already delivered on screen, including the drama film Love You to the Stars and Back.


“When we were coming up with a concept, we had a hard time because they were already established. We challenged ourselves to come up with a concept that will show a different side of them,” Andres was quoted as saying by the network.


“I Love You, Hater” marks the big-screen comeback of Kris Aquino who is cast as online media mogul Sasha Imperial. She pits the characters of Joshua and Julia against each other and tests which assistant is really the best for her.


Andres said that while the creative team wanted a different material for JoshLia, they only had one actress in mind for the role of the lady boss.


The young filmmaker who worked as an Assistant Director to most of director Olivia Lamasan’s films for the past eight years, said, “When we were coming up with a concept, we needed a major character to set the arena for JoshLia and we couldn’t think of anyone else but Kris Aquino.


"Initially, I thought she may not accept the project but when she agreed, Ibecame so nervous because she is Kris Aquino. To my pleasant surprise, I didn’t have any problems at all.”


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