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Charice is 'reborn' as Jake Zyrus

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(Photo from Rappler)


International singer Charice Pempengco has been reborn.


This as she is now known as Jake Zyrus.


Showbiz authority and columnist Mario Bautista reported that Charice just went live on her Instagram account, that has more than 120,000 followers, after being absent from it for more than two months when it was reported that she broke up with her live in partner named Alyssa Quijano.


And she now introduces herself as Jake Zyrus, which is also her new name in her Twitter account. 

Looks like she has moved on from her break up and is ready to start life on a new clean slate, according to the report.


Someone asked her about Alyssa and she said she doesn’t know because they don’t communicate anymore and have completely lost touch.


There are talks that they broke because of money matters but she won’t confirm nor deny it.

Mario Bautista also reported that Charice (or Jake Zyrus) looks more masculine than ever with her very short haircut and simple boy’s T-shirt. As one of her fans commented: “Binatang-binata ang dating, a. Barako boy.” 
She said what they see now is the real Charice as the old one before was just the image her handlers wanted her to project then. Now, what you see is what you get. 
Someone even asked her if she just had one drink too many and she said repeatedly: “No, I’m not drunk. I’m not drunk. Hindi rin ako addict, huh. Nagpa-tattoo lang ako, addict na raw. Hindi ako addict!”
Fans are hoping that Charice’s transformation as Jake will help her to still be able to recover her lost glory.


Martio Bautista wrote that at this stage, she really needs new managers and handlers who will help re-energize her dormant career and put her back on track. C harice was very successful at some point in her career, even conquering the U.S. market and doing Hollywood movies.
All this she lost when she became defiant in coming out and living in with Alyssa, it was reported.


The columnist wrote: People can only take so much. It was too sudden and abrupt for her fans, unlike Aiza Seguerra who tested the waters first before admitting her true sexual preference to the public and, as such, is able to maintain her career even when she later had a same sex marriage with Liza Diño.

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