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The Philippines as Olympic Games host?

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File photo from: Philippine Daiy Inquirer


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has opened its door to poor countries like the Philippine to experience hosting the Olympic Games by relaxing its rules on the cost of bidding that, in the past, has proven a big burden for those interested in staging the quadrennial conclave.


The IOC has, in fact, expressed its intention of removing the high financial requirements bidders have to face in bidding and hosting the competitions among the world’s finest athletes.


The IOC, in an article that appeared in the news@yardbreaker.comlast week, has detailed how it is trying to persuade African countries to host the 2022 Youth Olympics with a no-cost bidding process.


The IOC announced it will “assume more responsibility and work" on behalf of potential candidates before it picks a host in October.


 The IOC wants a "simpler, shorter and cheaper" bidding process amid worldwide concerns over the cost of offering to play host.


Although the IOC is setting its eyes for the 2022 Youth Summer Games to be the first Olympics hosted in Africa, not a few are of the belief that invitations are also to be applied to indigent nations in other continents like the Philippines in Southeast, which has long signified intentions of hosting the “Greatest Sports Show on Earth.”


Among the requirements the IOC seeks to be eased is the need to produce a candidate file or prepare and make a formal on-stage presentation to IOC voters.


African Olympic officials will have to meet an April 13 deadline given by the world body. Olympic officials will visit Africa in May to make a feasibility study into hosting and gauge "motivation of the local authorities."


The IOC also wants the Youth Olympic events to move out of stadiums and create a festival experience in parks, streets and city squares. Potential hosts can also suggest sports from recognized though non-Olympic bodies to be included in the program.


Invitations to bidders will be sent by the IOC executive board after it meets in July. The IOC will pick the host of the 2022 Youth Olympic Games during its Oct. 8-9 meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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